Welcome to our lands,in order to make sure that everyone has fun in our Sim, we have a few simple rules to follow. 

Your an adult.- 
You do  not stop being an adult when you log into Second Life®

We  should not have to police you. 
The people who built this place, are here to role-play!
Policing adults takes away from our roleplay time and makes us grumpy, you would not like us when we are grumpy

All players are expected to conduct themselves according to

No hurtful speech. 
A general catch-all rule. If you’re not sure whether something might cause offense to someone else, just don’t say it. “In character” is not an acceptable excuse for this kind of stuff. Everyone feeling safe and having fun takes priority.

Mature, not Explicit. 
We understand that adult content (violence, cursing, romance, etc.) is a great way to role-play character motivations and development. We are totally fine with a degree of mature content, but keep the really gritty stuff in private messages. Let’s be tactful.

Locked Doors mean do not enter- just like real life!
Homes, whether with or without locked doors, should only be entered at the owner's invitation
 If you need to enter someone's house for any RP reason without an IC (In Character) invitation, first get prior permission OOC (Out of Character) from the homeowner.

    This SIM allows combat that may occur in the normal course of RP.

    You ARE NOT required to wear a Meter.
    You may choose to use it for combat or for stats that affect your health (using food and drink, potions, etc. to increase your stats and make your rp more real to you).
    If you wear the meter for health stats and for use with the Unity Pouch System, wearing a meter does not mean you are required to use it for combat.

    If you use the meter for combat remember combat must be preceded by RP or have a valid RP reason for it

    If both combatants agree you may RP combat. 
    Have a battle of wits, a dance off, or do dice or whatever contest you agree to solve your RP conflict instead of using a meter. (Follow posting order and set a limit please!)

    If both cannot agree on how to resolve the conflict then find an RP reason to walk or run away.

    There will be no OOC complaining regarding the path of conflict resolution you both agreed to.

    Story, not Numbers. 
    The idea behind this SIM is to provide a space to role-play. 
    While we fully realize that duels at dawn are as inevitable as they are awesome, we encourage folks to scrap it out narratively.
     Instead of enforcing mechanical rules for combat or opposed actions.
    Basically, if you try to go around God-Moding or repeatedly abuse this narrative freedom for combat, prepare to get trounced (permanently…like out of our sim).

    Magic and Huds
    We prefer that you Roleplay your magic. 

    We do allow magic Huds from Solarium .
     All others must be approved before using. 
    If in doubt about your hud do not use it until you talk to one of the Sim Keepers.

    Even with huds, you still need to RP 
    No just blasting a fireball, you need to RP gathering the power to throw it. 

    Please follow  the 3 post rule:
    Post #1 BOB AWESOMEMAGE : chants in the language of the ancients, the words were spoken before man, heard in the lands before the first elf "ixen zhin mrith ve" draws on the power from within.

    Post  #2 BOB AWESOMEMAGE :  closing his hand he opens it slowly a spark appears and then blooms into a full flame, 

    Post #3 BOB AWESOMEMAGE : focuses his gaze on his enemy, then casts the flame intending to engulf him."

     Remember the power of magic comes from somewhere.
    :Magic has a cost, whether it is something small like conjuring a glass of wine from across the Tavern or summoning a fireball to engulf your enemy.  
    The energy does not come from a bottomless wellspring.
    You should  roleplay out repercussions of magic use and recovery.

    The stronger the spell - the longer to recover.

    All magic items, rooms and pets must be reasonable to your storyline before being used in the SIM.

    Other Questions 
    There are a number of race archetypes allowed in Yyns Seamaide , we try to keep things pretty diverse  for a small island located off the coast of the British Isles.  Some of them are unique; others are the standard ones you will find in most fantasy settings. 
    We don't have angels, or demons because we are not trying to be all things to all people. 
    The aim is to provide a cohesive mix of races which give variety while fitting neatly into this land.
    When, you see a familiar race name, you cannot assume they are identical to that race as portrayed in a book, a movie, or in another roleplay. 
    A part of making Seamaide a unique place has been to look at each race with fresh eyes and give them some familiar qualities, but also make them different enough that they are not stereotyped from other locations. 
    Home-brew races and classes must be run past our Sim Keepers before approval
    This is an ongoing process, as those people who play here keep adding depth to the racial backgrounds. Feel free to choose what fits your persona best, and remember it is really all in the way you play your persona that makes your character believable no matter what it is.

    ☀☀Shape Shifters are restricted to a max of 3 forms including their main.

      Time Travelers and Dr. Who wanna be's:  
      The owners and staff are huge fans of the Who-man in whatever form he takes and have been for some time, however, unless you are actually  Dr # 3, #4 or #9 -11 in REAL LIFE please look at some other really great rp sims that will allow you to play your character properly. 
      If you are Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, or Matt Smith in real life you are very very welcome to play here! Except for poor Jon Pertwee, sorry Jon, we don't allow ghosts!

      We do not accept Character Cards 

      Unless we ask you for them, please do not hand us a bio or character card. 
      The role-players here would like to meet you in role-play and find out things about your persona there.
      No meta-gaming 
      (using out of character knowledge within roleplay)

      Rentals in Tavern
       Are for the use of new characters, and come on a first come first served basis, unless previously booked in roleplay via the Tavern Mistress.

      Put your characters away before you leave the RP
      When you rejoin, your character is where it was last left it. It is not fun to have a body drop on your head in the middle of role play. Please play out your exit and find a place to log in and out.

      You may only NPC another character who is already known in sim and only simple actions such as taking them to bed or having them tag along with your character. 
      If you do NPC a character, IM the Keepers the character’s current location so we know where they are PCs may only perform basic NPC interactions, such as ordering food/drink. Any complex interactions must be approved by sim keepers. Characters cannot be NPC’d through one shot posts

      We do not allow floating OOC info except for meters.
      This means RP titlers. If you can't RP out your persona's scent/name/race/age/occupation then ask us to host a rp class and we'll teach you!

      Character Death
      If you choose to die, then change you mind and want to come back.
       If you want the character resurrected, make a plea to one of the Sim Keepers, and if you can convince them it would make a good story line, they will run it and bring your character back. This will not happen to every dead character, it is down to the Sim Keeper’s discretion

      Children cautiously welcomed- however:
      1. Children do not participate in combat unless they are being taught to fight, are fighting, or throwing things at each other .
      2. Children will leave any area where ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is happening. 
      3. Vasa says no.
      4. An Adult member must be responsible for you to play here. Your person in charge must be an active role-player here for you to roleplay here. Unattended children allowed on a case by case basis and will need to speak to the Sim keepers.
      5. They can be a parent or other relative, employer if you're an apprentice, or liege (in the case of pages) and are also held accountable for YOUR actions.
      We are not a Gorean Sim, 
      Gorean type slavery isn't encouraged here.

      Slavery, as practiced by the Celts, was very similar to the better-documented practice in ancient Greece and Rome. Slaves were acquired from war, raids, and penal and debt servitude.The Old Irish word for slave, cacht, and the Welsh term caeth are likely derived from the Latin captus, captive, suggesting that slave trade was an early venue of contact between Latin and Celtic societies.

      In the Middle Ages, slavery was especially prevalent in the Celtic countries and the word for "female slave", cumal, was used as a general unit of value in Ireland.
      So feel free to tailor your role-playing accordingly.

       In Character(IC)
      Out Of Character (OOC)

       We do NOT  do drama unless it is in character.
      All character speech should be in speech marks, and actions in italics                 

      If you wish to speak OOC even in ((ooc brackets)), kindly take it to group chat or IMs. 
      OOC in open chat is disruptive to RP -even with the best intentions - and that is why we create groups and have friends lists. 

      Our group list- Kill the Messenger- is for open role-play or Out of Character Chat. 
      Please feel free to post your RP there to let folks know you're in the sim and wanting to RP!     

      Since we are all friends and are playing  together if there is an issue between you and another player, resolve it! We trust you.( RE: wearing the grown-up pants)           
      Exceptions: Griefers, kill on sight, please.Yes, use that cool magic HUD you've been dying to test that isn't allowed anywhere else to do it! Just don't crash the sim. Sure, make up some outlandish battle story to justify your actions in rp. Killing griefers should be FUN. 
      (Just remember to avoid actions which could get *you* reported to LL for abuse.)

      Feel free to AVOID people who you do not get along with.. No one needs to know you have rp banned so and so. Just find reasons to avoid them or ignore them if you can not play together.

      Join our General Group Kill the Messenger- till we add you to our approved A++ rper group, how do you get approved to roleplay here?
      Show up and roleplay!

      Since we are all friends and are playing together, if there is an issue between you and another player: resolve it!  We trust you.(See: wearing the grown-up pants.)

      /me or /me's will describe an action Such as Ainemari Flanagan twilled her hair with her right hand.
      (posts in italics)

      CTRL+ Enter will post as a shout
      Shift+ Enter will post as a whisper
      Alt+ Enter will post in (( these brackets))

      You can IM other players for private in-character conversations by clicking on their avatar.

      There is an Out of Character (OOC) group to ask questions/discuss the RP with other players.

      You Messed up- now what?

      Players seen breaking the rules will be punished.

      Strike 1 –  Verbal warning
       Strike 2 – 24 hour ban from roleplay
       Strike 3 – one week ban from roleplay
      Further breaking of these rules will result in a permanent ban from roleplay
      Strikes will be kept on record for six weeks before removal.

      Be Polite
      Say "Thank you " once in a while. 

      ♥ Be ever mindful that others have been very generous with both time and money to share a place for you to live out your fantasy and tell  your story.  Please treat that gift with respect. follow the  golden rule, treat others how you wish to be treated. 

      Donate, when you think about it, we don't charge rent for active role players, but donations toward tier and cool sim stuff to enhance your roleplay are always welcome.

      When dealing with residents of this sim always remember this is ROLEPLAY which means  that you can play at being an evil doer meanie head all you want, and we can all hate you while we are playing,  but OOC we are all friends.♥♥

      We are adults, we put on our grown-up pants, and we EXPECT you to wear grown up pants too!

      We look forward to  being in your story and to you being part of ours!

      In Service,

      The Populace of Ynys Seamaide
      Hwyl Lyric- Merrow Extraordinary 
      AineMari Flanagan- Bard and Builder Monkey