Sunday, June 29, 2014

In The Begining

It all began with "I wish"
Or a fate gone horribly right, if the wisher had wished for those
of a darker nature to end up as brutal servitors without any accountability.

The wisher was a powerful evil entity that wanted to enslave the world in his magic.
He came to power through his use of dark magic, death, and destruction.

Armies of Orcs and those of darker alignments sided with him
in an attempt to spread his influence.

Wish, wish...said all the books but in the end it was that action that formed us.

With the Wisher defeated his wand divide into four parts,
bound by ritual, and hidden by the victors to prevent his return.

Our Earth has a finite amount of living space but when fate and destiny align.
A Wish can change our world again for better or worse.

The races are at each other's throats; black, white, brown, blue, red and green.
Peace is our world’s wish; hatred, greed and prejudice are the constant action.
Maybe someday our wishes will come true.  

It all ends with “I wish.”