En' Thromii - The Faoladh

Also known as  Werewolves, Lycan, Wolf-men, Laignach Faelad

The motif of the werewolf is strong in Irish folklore. There are a number of old tales about strange tribes of wolf-men living in remote areas of County Tipperary, whose assistance was often sought by the ancient kings of Ireland when they made war upon each other. There are also tales of strange beings - half-men, half-wolves - roaming the remote forest and mountain areas of the island. Indeed, one of the oldest written stories that we have comes from the pen of Giraldus Cambrensis who wrote down many old Irish tales after his arrival to the isle in 1185.

The Faoladh of Ynys Seamaide can range from wolf-kin shifters who stay almost always as human, to shifters who stay almost always as wolf, or anything in between.
Irish werewolves of historical legend were different from European werewolves, as they were really not "monsters" at all. Unlike their historical continental cousins, these shape-shifters were known as guardians and protectors of children, wounded folk, and lost persons. According to some ancient sources, Irish werewolves were even recruited by kings in time of war, to fight for their lands. Their predatory behavior was typical of common wolves; they were not beneath an occasional nocturnal raid on local sheep or cattle herds. If attacked or surprised while in wolf form, they usually simply ran off, because sudden shocks could cause them to shift back into their more vulnerable human form. However, after changing back into a man or woman, evidence of their lupine adventure remained on their bodies. If wounded, the injury remained. If they killed a sheep or cow, telltale bloodstains stayed on their faces and hands.

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There are some of  our local wolves that have never been known to change form at all, and appear to be mere feral wolves, while some of their brethren often take on human form to interact with the populace,. These sometimes act as interpreters for the more feral sort.

In the past there have been Dark Faoladh in Ynys Seamaide, as well as Puka.
Many are the mysteries of the ones who run as wolves in Celtic lands.